Why Sanitize


Consistent hand hygiene is correlated to good health and lower incidence of infectious illnesses.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by means of the hands.
The killing of transient germs, bacterial viruses and fungi reduces infectious illnesses and outbreaks in contained places.
Impact of sanitizing can reduce illness-related sick days, absenteeism, and increases employee general health.

Germstar® can be used as often as desirable or needed. It should be used …

  • After contact with objects/surfaces in public use.
  • Before handling food and edibles.
  • Before/after working in medical facilities.
  • Before/after tending babies and infants.
Repeat business can increase up to 50% as a result of the positive image effective sanitizing practices convey to customers.
For a cost of just over a penny a wash, providing hospital quality hand sanitizer is both affordable and sensible protection.

Popular Applications


The medical field is where Germstar®'s products have their roots. Health care professionals found the solution to a growing problem: how do you sanitize your hands frequently without subjecting your skin to damage and dryness? Germstar®'s original formula is based on hospital-strength 70% Isopropyl alcohol, but is one of the only sanitizers which actually moisturizes the hands with increased use. Our secret is that our proprietary emollients are chemically engineered at the molecular level to allow the alcohol molecule to do its job without compromising the moisturizing effect.


A recent survey determined that as many as 60% of all people are sick while traveling. This can be due to increased human contact on airliners, stress, exposure to unfamiliar or foreign substances, artificially circulated or air-conditioned air, etc. In fact, the world’s air transportation system can spread diseases or infections about the globe with great efficiency! Given this, hotels, restaurants, airlines, and cruise ships are beginning to offer infection control products to protect both customers and staff. Guests and employees alike appreciate the convenience of infection protection where they work and play.


The US Center for Disease Control states that 80% of all in infectious diseases are conveyed by way of human hands. Cleaner hands = less sickness! Educators have learned this quickly and the presence of hand sanitizers like Germstar® is on the rise for both students and staff in schools. Many contained environments, like business offices and schools which use our products correctly and consistently, have reported noticeable differences in illness-related absences. (up to 40% improvements!)


By placing a Germstar® globe at your home’s point of entry, all the world’s germs get “checked at the door!” establishing a low infection risk household. The cleaner the hands, the less likely your family is to contract common infections such as colds, flu’s and other viruses. Use Germstar® and Be Well!


Protecting yourself in the shared environment of your work is important for your health.
Employers have reported substantial reductions in illness-related absences while on a Germstar® program. Our products are the cornerstone of pandemic contingency plans created by many major corporations.
Stay healthy at work! Check out our personal-size bottle products and ask your employer to consider a touchless globe sanitizing system in your office, and “Be Well!”