Why Germstar

SABS Approved Manufacturing Facility.


The US Centers for Disease Control recommends that a 70% Isopropyl alcohol base is the most effective in eradicating the broadest spectrum of disease-causing germs – killing 99.99% of all transient bacteria, viruses and fungus on contact (twice that of popular off-the-shelf products).

100% natural emollients prevent dry skin and soften hands with each repeated use, leaving a fresh fragrance.
Germstar® unique patented touchless dispenser encourages use and increases wash compliance from 30-50% to 90% and above, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infections.

Gravity-fed dispenser design uses every drop of product, lasting 30,000 washes with one set of batteries. An adjustable, pre-measured portion is delivered for perfect efficiency. Unlike gel-based products, Germstar® is a liquid rinse which leaves no sticky residue, and softens hands. Gels reduce bacteria killing effectiveness.

You will find our Germstar Hand Sanitizer in the leading Private and Public Hospitals in South Africa.

A Hospital strengh sanitizer that is now availble to the South African Public.
Do they use your hand sanitizer in Hospitals????