Touchless Dispenser


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Stop the spread of viruses. Kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria effectively and ensure proper hygiene with our range of touchless hand sanitizer and soap dispensers.

Dispensing liquid soap automatically when your hands are sensed, our battery powered touchless dispensers help to greatly reduce the chance of infection. Just hold your hands beneath the built-in motion detector to receive a controlled amount of soap solution without any need for contact.

With their innovative design our touchless soap dispensers can be placed in almost any location, suitable for use in any environment. They're ideal for use in hospitals and clinics where high levels of hygiene are a priority, in shared working environments and in the home. Choose from two dispenser sizes; the 353ml, which is perfect for desk use, and the larger 946ml.

Easy to refill, just open the top of the touchless dispenser and insert a new soap solution bag - and all our dispensers include batteries for immediate operation, straight out of the box.

Our range of replacement hand sanitizer solutions includes mild, extra mild and anti-microbial soaps for various applications and skin types, and our touchless dispenser accessories include floor stands and table stands.

80% of all infectious diseases are spread by the hands. Reduce illness and promote hygiene with a Germstar touchless hand sanitizers.