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Please follow these easy steps, to purchase your Germstar products:

(Tip: If you right click with the mouse on this page you may print this info for easy reference)

Step One

1. Welcome First Time Visitor:  Just click on the starter kit option on the left of the page.( The starter kit is a ready to go dispenser with sanitizer or soap bag option and batteries.)

Step Two

2. Your options will be between the smaller 353ml bag size Table Stand dispenser on top of the page or you may scroll down to the larger 946ml Wall Mounted dispenser. Click on the product.

Step Three

3. Decide on your quantity. Click on:
Add To Cart .

Step Four

4. Your shopping cart will give you the option to: Update your order, Keep Shopping , Get a Quote or Checkout.

Step Five

5. If you click on Checkout. You will now move to the final stage of opening your account and do payment.
Step Six

6. Good news. You supply us only once with your information, the next time when you visit us, you only have to enter your e mail address and password for an easy buying process.

Final Info.

7. Creating your account: Type in your e mail address, your own password, first name and surname. Click on Create Account. Now very important, is you billing an delivery address information.

TIP: If you click ON the product of your choice, it will take you to the Add to Cart option.

Well done and welcome to Germstar.

Please contact us on Tel: 0861 106 693 or admin@germstar.co.za if you need any assistance or estimates for large orders.