Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottles

Ensure excellent levels of hygiene with our range of hand sanitizer spray bottles and dispensers. Kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria quickly and conveniently, and greatly reduce the chance of infectious illnesses spreading and being caught.

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Use our spray bottles often as you need for the ultimate in hygiene convenience and infection protection. Our hand sanitizers are ideal for use before and after handling food and other edibles, before and after tending to babies and infants, and after contact with objects and surfaces in public use.

We have a range of hand sanitizers available in a variety of sizes. Our pen-shaped 8ml sanitizing spray bottles have been specially designed for discreet portability, perfect for killing germs instantly while on the go, at work, at school, while travelling or in other shared environments.

Always at the ready, our larger refillable 474ml sanitizer spray bottles are perfect for use in almost any environment, and are available with an optional wall-mounted bracket.

Refill and reuse your spray bottles and dispensers. We have a full supply of refills, so you can continue to use your sanitizers and maintain levels of hygiene.