About Us


Binderbauer Pharmaceuticals was formed in the late nineties to develop, manufacture and market an innovative touchless sanitation system and ancillary products based on technology developed and patented by the Company’s founders, Mr. Horst Binderbauer and Dr. Michl Binderbauer. The Company’s Germstar® touchless dispensing system eliminates cross infection. The proprietary solution, Germstar®, is formulated to provide surgical-quality hand sanitation with no sticky residue, leaving a fresh scent


We are dedicated to promoting the improvement of human health through infection control worldwide.
  • Our team is committed to the health education of all peoples on infection control and proper hand hygiene.
  • We apply the highest scientific standards to the formulation and manufacturing of our products.
  • We will serve all customers with competency and passion!
  • We commit to continuously improve our systems to make our products readily available to all consumers.
  • We take pride in maintaining a working environment of high optimism, dignity and mutual respect.